October 9th, 2006

lilo slurp

post-binge/purge flu-like feelings

do you know that feeling one sometimes gets right before one comes down with a cold or flu? the sort-of weak, sensitive-to-temperature, lethargic feelings?
when i identify this state, sometimes i think 'i ought to take some vitamins & get some rest' and fall asleep; and when i awake, i may have a full-blown fever or sore throat or other malady...

not sure i'm describing it well, but IF you caught my drift:

do you ever have those same feelings after a b/p session? if so, please elaborate: specifically, do you attribute this to being malnourished or to having simply abused your body or ... ?
i don't normally have this feeling after b/p'ing and i cannot say that it's directly related to the severity or length of my b/p session, but i've wondered about this today and haven't yet read a discussion about it.
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A turn for the best?

We went to McDonalds the other day and there was nutritional information on the packaging. Fast food places are starting to offer things like milk and fruit in place of cokes/sodas and fries. In my school at least they are not aloud to sale cokes and such during school, and the food has changed over the past few years- they have to serve healthier things and are not aloud to serve fries every day. Now we get them once sometimes twice a week. I heard about a fashion show that refused to hire models that were unhealthily skinny, ect.
What do you think of this? Do you think that perhaps things are taking a positive change in society? Do you think none of it will matter if the media does not stop bombarding us with unrealistic images?

Also- does anyone know of any good information sites, recovery sites, ect.