October 17th, 2006


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Watch this video.


I'm not sure what I think about our conception of beauty as something that is impossible to achieve by natural means. on one hand, I really perversely like it. on the other, it makes me frantically sad.

I admit that find models incredibly beautiful... in the same way I find bacteria and architecture beautifu: I study them. I'm fascinated by the way they move and the artificiality of what they do.

The most striking thing is that a lot of the time, high fashion models are in no way "sexy". They may be beautiful, ethereal, inhuman, stylized women... but not sexy.

The problem comes when real, everyday people with real, everyday proportions try to squeeze themselves into a mold that will never, can never accomodate them. CLIMB OUT OF YOUR HOLES, PEOPLE! It's not going to happen - no matter how much you Photoshop your pictures, you can never physically change your anatomy. Even if I starve myself down to skeleton, I'm still going to have wide hips. It's just my bone-structure. No matter how little you eat, you may never have a dainty little chin or 36" legs... or whatever other feature your sheer skeleton will just not allow you to achieve.

We were told as kids that we could be anything we wanted... sometimes, you just can't.