October 22nd, 2006

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Eating Disorder are of the body AND MIND...right?

I'm slightllly confused..thought probably not. Back after I got food poisoning and became VERY sick, I lost a ton of weight and had an anorexic "weight." But by no means did I have an eating disorder. I didn't hate myself (back then), nor did I hate my body, want control, etc. I WANTED to eat..I just got REAL sick after I did, so I didn't (but by no means did I want to not eat or even think about my weight. I was SO HUNGRY!). But the doctors still said I was anorexic. Isn't this not true? Or am I completely off here? It's not like people who have cancer and lose a ton of weight and become an anorexic weight have anorexia. It's just that they're really sick from treatment or something (lame example, but you get the point, right?)


Edit: I mean ANOREXIA NERVOSA is what they said I had, when I didn't have any mind in it (ahh, let's not make sense...good job, cheesehead!)
But interesting about anorexia and anorexia nervosa...don't believe I knew that...

sex, drugs and rock and roll

For those of you in college (this actually can apply to anyone, but it especially does to college students):

How does your eating disorder affect your consumption of alcohol and/or drugs, especially marijuana (not stimulants)?

In my experience, I have found that smoking pot isn't correlated to any of my eating patterns. I've smoked a fair amount at my lowest weight, at my highest weight, abstained from "munchies," you name it. However, since the onset of my ED a couple of years ago my alcohol intake directly affects my eating behaviors. I will either
a) not drink because of calories
b) drink after fasting to compensate for calories
c) have a few drinks which usually lead to a binge
d) have a few drinks following a "binge" day.

I ask because I had an anorexic friend who was on the verge of alcoholism and I couldn't get my mind around how she could refuse to eat lettuce but drink beer and the like so freely. I am the opposite of her. If you are more like me, what are your eating patterns like before and after drinking/smoking?