November 7th, 2006

Purple Ribbon Campaign

A couple of years ago, I started the Purple Ribbon Campaign to raise money during eating disorders awareness week. Yes, EDAW is in February, but I'm starting early this year because I'm trying to expand my campaign. This year, I'm raising money for support centres in Toronto and London, Ontario, but I'm hoping that people in other places will help out. I built a website, and since anybody around the world can see the website, I want the links to reflect that. I also want to know if some of you will help me out.

So I have three questions.

1) Will you help me raise money to help people recover? I'm looking for volunteers to help sell ribbons - if 50 people each sell 20 ribbons (they cost $1 each), that's $1000! You can give the money that you raise to a place near you, or send it to the ones that I'm supporting in Canada.

2) Do you have any stories to share about how a friend helped (or didn't help) you, or how you helped (or failed to help) a friend? I'm looking for testimonials for a pamphlet that I'll distribute at my university about how to help a friend. I've got more details on the website.

3) Do you know of any support centres or anything similar to help people with eating disorders recover in your town or city? It doens't matter where in the world you live - I want to put these on my links page. So please send me links!

The website for my ribbon campaign

Also, if you happen to know why the things that I've updated onto my page (like a zillion more links, etc) are only sometimes visible, please let me know, cause I'm a bit of an internet dunce!

Your help is very much appreciated!
  • beepea

Changing ideals

Inspired by a recent post. Thank you.

I'm sure everyone knows that, throughout history, the "perfect body" image has changed.. a lot!

I was wondering how it works on a more personal level? For example- when I was at my lowest point in my eating disorder, I would honestly feel that very-thin-Mary-Kate looked "fantastic". However, a year later, my "tastes" have changed.. I would say that Kate Winslett has an amazing body.

So- my question to everyone is..

Do we individuals, like history itself, go through "phases" of what we think is a beautiful body?
How wrapped up with an eating disorder is the fixation on super-skinny models? (we all know that eating disorders are about deeper issues- so is the skinny-model-aspiring a cause or effect?)
Do our opinions change with age, with the flavour-of-the-month-media coverage or with the progress of an eating disorder?
What makes our opinions change? (On a personal note- leaving an all-girls schoool has changed my outlook on so many things!)

There's lots more questions I'd like to ask, but I hope you guys and gals can see the general line of thought i've taken!!

Thanks everyone