November 13th, 2006


OCD poll?

I would love to do a poll either here or at ed_ucate asking how many folks have been diagnosed with OCD, how many THINK they have it, and related questions. I want to know how prevalent it is in those with EDs.

Particularly if many EDed people also have OCD rituals and obsessions that are unrelated to food or body. I know I do -- cleanliness, health, death, diseases, grades, other catastrophies.

My OCD symptoms have been as much related to other things as to food. I was diagnosed at about 9 and I think my OCD was a real factor in my devleoping EDs later on.

Would you guys be interested in taking it or seeing the results? I'd even sign up for a paid account again to make one. Are polls allowed? If they are related. I am just curious.

It could maybe spark a new discussion on OCD in the comments, etc.

EDs and career choice/tertiary study

With reference to this post: which relates to individuals with EDs who choose career paths associated with their disorder, I'd like to create a wider discussion on careers in general. 

If you are studying at tertiary level, what course are you studying? Has this been influenced by your eating disorder or has studying this degree/diploma influenced your disorder in any way? 
What career paths are you interested in? [Regardless of whether it has to do with your ED, I'm interested to know] 
Will your eating disorder hinder you from pursuing this occupation? How? 

The jist that I get from this community is that many of us believe general society and public are very ignorant with issues related to eating disorders. So in the hypothetical situation [or even reality if that's your case] that you are working in public health - more specifically medical and psychological fields - would you work to create more awareness in eating disorders? 



poll about EDs and OCD

I think related polls are allowed. I checked the rules and saw nothing against poll posting if made specifically for the community about EDs. So here is one. Tell me if you want me to remove it. :)

I will put it behind a cut.


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