November 16th, 2006

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I am guessing someone here will be able to help...

I am in a data analysis class, and we have an assignment to find a current (from September 21 until now) article containing data (like statistics), and then analyze it using methods from class. What I want help with is FINDING the article. I know that I would clearly understand any article about health/nutrition, and I know that there are MANY that make mistakes or false claims in presenting data. Do any of you happen do have any? Thank you!!!
hands down i'm too proud for love - Is Overachieving Bad for Girls?

Is Overachieving Bad for Girls?
(Book review) by Courtney E. Martin, AlterNet. Posted November 16, 2006

A new book praises hyper-achieving 'alpha girls.' But their behavior may be symptomatic of a larger trend in outwardly high-achieving and inwardly self-hating young women.

This is interesting. I would click on the link and read the comments, there are a lot of valid things said regarding eating disorders and also one person pointed out the Eurocentric bias of the book.

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