November 25th, 2006

hands down i'm too proud for love - Dying to be Thin

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Be sure to click on the link if you wanna read comments. Alternet users always have something interesting to say. Dying to be Thin
By Sophie Goodchild, The Independent UK. Posted November 22, 2006.

Confused by conflicting messages about diet and health, vulnerable young women are turning to lifestyle anorexia websites for 'thin-spiration.'

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there's not a lot of me left anymore
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When I go out to eat, I like to sit in a booth with my back to the wall, in a corner. If I don't have all three of these satisfied then I get extremely insecure and start feeling like everyone's looking at me and thinking "look at that fat girl, how dare she come out and eat in public." I start shaking a little sometimes, and there is no position I can sit in that makes me feel any more safe. But if I'm in a booth with my back to the wall in a corner, I'm perfectly fine.

Does anybody else have any similar issues when they eat in public? Is there anything you can do when you're feeling triggered and insecure that makes you feel a little bit better?

overeaters anonymous

Does anyone know about OA???
I shift from periods of starving myself to periods of overeating in addition to compulsive exercising. Do you think OA is for me? And is anybody here involved with OA (and could tell me more about it)?