November 28th, 2006

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If you have told your loved ones about your eating disorder, have they ever reacted angrily?

My boyfriend is the only person I've actually told, although I'm sure others have guessed. When I first told him, he was really supportive about it. But now, when he sees me being hard on myself, counting calories or looking in the mirror critically, he gets angry. Not just angry in general, which I could understand, but angry at me.
Is this normal? Have any of you had to deal with anything like this?
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Article; TV & showbiz.

Size 12 model beats out Skeletor in TV competition.
By Tahira Yaqoob.


Poured into a gold swimsuit, Make Me A Supermodel winner Jen Hunter looks as if this outfit was custom-made for her.

But the one-piece triggered a furious row about stick-thin models when her rival finalist Marianne Berglund appeared painfully underweight in the same attire.

Appearing here for the first time in the outfit which sparked the debate about size zero models, Miss Hunter - who was criticised on the show for being too fat - said: "This is what a real woman should look like.

"I am all curves and flesh, not skin and bone. Boys, who would you rather snuggle up to?"

Looking as different as chalk and cheese, the swimwear clings to Miss Hunter's voluptuous curves and reveals acres of cleavage while on clinically underweight Miss Berglund, it shows her protruding hips and ribs and appears to hang off her.

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