December 9th, 2006


Do any of you tend to be controlling in your relationships? Do you have high standards and expectations for your loved ones to meet? I don't just mean your romantic relationships, I'm also talking about your friends and family, coworkers, etc.

Or are you submissive and eager to please? I think I fall under this category because it seems like my whole life, I have always tried to be everything, to everyone. I remember being in elementary school and telling my parents of how successful I was going to be so they would be proud of me. I care way too much what people think and sometimes, sadly, I make them responsible for my happiness. I think that could be related to my eating disorder, at least to a certain extent because if I'm not making the people around me happy, I tend to self destruct as a means of either coping or self-punishment.

so, what do you guys think?