December 27th, 2006


Does restaurant eating encourage binge eating? (article)


A recent study has shown that eating out can encourage overeating or binging. Or perhaps those who do binge tend to visit restaurants more often...

The study (full PDF / abstract) compared food diaries of 117 women (46 who were "dieters" and 71 who had a history of binging).

"Both bingers and dieters consumed significantly more calories (226-253 kcal) and fat (10.4-16.0 gm) on restaurant days."

The Calories may not seem huge, but given that both groups were eating out approximately half of the days of the week (i.e. 3-4 times) -- then it does begin to make a difference.

The research also noted that:

"Women who binged more frequently were also more likely to eat out and experience difficulty with controlling their intake at restaurants."


I'm doing a bit of a project for eating disorders awareness week where I'm making a pamphlet to give out to people at my university about how to help a friend with an eating disorder. I'm putting on links to a few sites that have advice for helping friends and family members, but I also want a few stories on it as well.

what things have your friends done to help you recover? what have your friends done that didn't help you?

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Also, please tell me if you wouldn't be comfortable with me putting them on a pamphlet. Unless you go to my university, nobody you know would see it. if you're ok with it, I'd put a first name or initial and an age, but I don't even necessarily need that. I just want to know what advice other people have for their friends, mostly since people keep asking me for advice because I run a fundraiser during awareness week.