January 16th, 2007

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If a woman is on the pill, her period can be delayed if she take two packets of pills back-to-back without the seven placebo pills.

My doctor said it's okay to delay a period once in awhile, but since amenorrhea for three or more months in eating disordered women is seen as quite unhealthy, would it also be unhealthy for an otherwise healthy woman to delay her period for three months? Is there a difference, considering that the delaying of a period with oral contraceptives is artificially produced while amenorrhea is a natural response of the body to lack of nutrition?

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I've seen posts in this community before about periods, and how many of us feel like we've 'failed' at our ED when we get our period. This had me wondering, how do those of you who are on the pill feel about your periods? Have you ever produced 'fake amenorrhea' by delaying your period with the pill?

Also, semi-related question:

Since the placebo pills in a pack of pills are made of glucose... and glucose is essentially sugar... does this mean the placebo pills have calories? Yeah, I'm going to hell for asking that question, I know.
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This is kind of ambiguous but I'll give it a shot.

What dieting/hygiene/beauty product advertisements have made an impact on how you think about yourself/food, if any? Refer to anything you've seen lately (or ever), whether it's online, tv, print, etc.

Dietician vs. Nutritionist--What's the Difference?

So today I tried to locate a nutritionist who specializes in EDs, and found two through a web site. I wrote to them both and heard back from one. She says I would be better off with a dietician. I'm looking for someone to help me make a satiating vegetarian meal plan I can stick with, that won't trigger bingeing, and that will help me lose weight without purging or restricting (I'm 17 pounds overweight according to the BMI charts).

*What is the difference between a nutritionist and dietician?
*Do you work with either?
*What are your sessions like?

BIG HUGE FAT BONUS POINTS to anyone who actually *has* a meal plan like the one I'm looking for and can share it with me! :-)

Thanks, y'all.