January 19th, 2007


Upon opening my internet browser, I am met with the headline "WATCH US LOSE!" so I check it out. I guess this is some sort of media followed weight loss plan, in which 4 women are detailing their weight lives and now trying to lose a certain amount of weight. That's fine, and I am not angry (really) about the premise of it, BUT look at this girl
Her gallery, her photos, her comments--the one where she says she has a Buddha stomach--i just think it is a bit extreme, and I am appalled that the site, or host of this "contest" would encourage her.
No wonder so many girls get mixed up in this. Surely someone out there thought, "if this girl is fat, then I must be HUGE!
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dizziness and borderline sever anxiety and panic disorder

I'm fairly sure I've been here in the past when I had this problem, but now it's back and I'm hoping people here will know of things that can help me.

My horrid dizziness has returned. I see stars, can't walk straight, my equilibrium feels really off whack, and sometimes if feels as though things are moving that aren't supposed to be moving (while I'm standing still). Lying down doesn't help, and I can't find any kind of pattern to this.

IN THE PAST, because my doctor said it was due to my anxiety and panic disorder, he gave me a tranquilizer. WELL, that same tranquilizer that USED to work, now doesn't. I upped the dosage and it still doesn't work. My blood pressure is low and I've been drinking these horrible tasting drinks with electrolytes and such in them (anyone know of any that doesn't taste like cough syrup??!?). Btw, I know for certain I am ORTHOSTATIC, so that's why I'm doing the electrolyte drink.

I can't even take a shower because it makes me soo dizzy. I have to take quick and cold showers and I DREAD times when I need a shower especially since there is snow where I live. I hate it.

I see my doctor on Monday, but I know alot of people here MAY have ideas on what I could try until then, or even after I go/whatever. Any help or questions for me to ask my dr would be great. I'm so sick of this!