February 1st, 2007

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I'm a Child Anorexic - BBC Documentary

Apparently a documentary screened a couple of days ago on BBC3 about children/young teens recovering in a treatment center in London. It was called I'm a Child Anorexic. It originally aired on the 29th and was repeated on the 30th.
"This disturbing film, part of BBC Three’s Coming of Age season, takes a look behind the doors of Rhodes Farm residential clinic in North London, where the patients being treated for anorexia have been getting progressively younger. Through video diaries two sufferers, Naomi (13) and the clinic’s youngest resident Natasha (12), confide their fears and frustrations as the regimen forces them to challenge their warped thinking — though not without a fight."

Did anyone get a chance to see it?

I'm hoping it will repeat sometime again in February so that those who are interested (and have access to BBC3) will be able to watch it. Or perhaps someone knows a place online where we can watch/download it? I was able to find a short clip from BBC which you can view here

There are a few articles online so I'll link and include them under the cut. Sorry for any repetitiveness. Keep in mind images under the cut may be triggering.

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Binge eating is major health problem: study


"Binge eating afflicts 3.5 percent of U.S. women and 2 percent of men at some point in their lives, according to a study by psychiatric researchers at Harvard University Medical School and its affiliate, McLean Psychiatric Hospital."

"It said about 0.9 percent of women and 0.3 percent of men reported suffering at some point from anorexia nervosa...It said 1.5 percent of women and 0.5 percent of men reported the condition of bulimia"

"Anorexia typically lasts 1.7 years, compared with 8.3 years for bulimia and 8.1 years for binge eating, the study said. "

(8 years for bulimia? Wow.)
bunny, mark ryden

The ed_ucate community mentioned on Wikipedia

I was on www.encyclopediadramatica.com looking at the livejournal bit, its very funny and somewhat true. and it talked about all the 'pro-ana' communities so anyway I ended up wikipedia-ing pro-ana and ed_ucate is listed in there being against pro-ana and it talkes about how its a community for education, there is a link to the profile :)
I just thought it was really cool, hungerbound I bet you never imagined your community would get this big!