February 3rd, 2007

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When i was younger, my kidneys gave up, my levels were sky high and i had to stay in hospital for a while, my kidney levels have never returned to normal.

Three days ago i started having the same symptoms to when they last gave up, after all this time i dismissed it to an infection that would pass or that i could go down to the doctor for a prescription in the next few days, however later on i threw up and so with a little persuasion from my mum who said that even if it wasnt the case this time they could still tell you whats wrong and sort it out, me and my friend went and got in a taxi to the hospital.

when we got there and triage saw me i was instructed that my pulse and blood pressure was very abnormal and that i really needed to lie down because otherwise i would be at risk of passing out. they wouldnt even let me shut the door when i had to go to the toilet to give a urine sample. 

then the doctor decided that if id had problems with my kidneys before then id need to have my levels checked so id have to have a blood test (which took half an hour and collapsed my vein) 

the same doctor came back an hour later and told me there was nothing wrong with me and that id better go home now, treating me like some little girl who had gone down to the hospital for the hell of it. 

The thing is firstly i dont believe the lab results because my levels never returned to normal, secondly if you are sick the levels change (which i had been before i went) and lastly, even if all that information was correct the fact that investigations of urine tests take days to draw conclusive results suggests they didnt even check that etc... obviously i feel a bit like i havent been treated properley

So the question is... have you ever felt like a doctor was incompetent in treating you or undermining the symptoms that you felt? have you ever been to a doctor for any physical symptoms only to be told that theres "nothing wrong with you"? and how did this make you feel?

a few random things

thanks again to everyone who answered my lengthy questions about being inpatient for an eating disorder, i now have a clearer picture of what it's like and have been incorporating some IP scenes into my book of ED-related fiction, 'swallow.' it's slow-going, but i hope to post an excerpt or two soon.

in the meantime, i'm still open to responses to these questions if anyone else was IP and would like to share their experiences.

oh, and although my handmade book 'swallow' is still 50% off, i will be raising the price soon. just wanted to give those who'd expressed an interest in purchasing it fair warning. again, the sale items are in very limited quantities and will not be restocked when they are sold out.

in case you're confused or didn't catch my previous post, here's the skinny: i've written a book about eating disordered individuals (drawing from, but not writing directly about, my own personal experiences). a year ago i added this book to my catalogue of handmade books and CDs. since then i have been writing additional scenes and working towards a conventionally publishable-length work. currently the book sits at 61 single-spaced pages (20,000 words). i have a long way to go! eventually i will add the completed version to my catalogue (and hopefully publish it!) but for now it is available for purchase as a 42-page chapbook. click to read excerpts. may be triggering.

i also wanted to let everyone know that i did go to a dietician (thanks to everyone who helped clear up my confusion about nutritionists & dieticians) and it was *amazing,* i recommend it to everyone. behind the cut you'll find my journal entry about the experience.

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