May 2nd, 2007


Disordered eating and eating disorders

Within the eating disorder "community" there is refusal to acknowledge eating disorders as a diet, or a way to lose weight.

However there are many people who adopt the behaviours of an eating disordered person in attempts to lose weight, from calorie restriction, to purging and laxative abuse. At their early stages these behaviours are recgonized as disordered eating.

From my experiences disordered eating often traps a person in a starve/binge cycle. As response to starvation is to binge eat. Normal responses to starvation are a depletion in mood (leading to self hatred) and obsession over food. As I stated before, these behaviours all mimic the behaviours of an eating disordered person yet are not necessarily eating disorders (at this point anyway).

There is a point where disordered eating can turn into an eating disorder - once again of my own experiences with anorexia. (diagnosed) My obsession with food has significantly decreased although my mentality is far more unstable. Where I used to fantasize and think about food a lot and have problems with binge eating I no longer do.

I was wondering how many people could say they started a period of disordered eating in an attempt to lose weight which lead to the development of an eating disorder?