May 5th, 2007

abbey pink

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This is particularly relevant to users in Australia, but it would be interesting to hear from other users whether there are initiatives where you live that reflect industry having a greater awareness & concern for eating disorders & the issues that surround them.

Sportsgirl ( is an Australia-wide fashion store for teenage girls & young adults. Recently they have partnered themselves with The Butterfly Foundation which focuses on prevention & early intervention of eating disorders in adolescents. I've been browsing their website & this ( was of particular interest. I'm impressed at the level Sportsgirl are going to to ensure that they are not perpetuating eating disorders, & are in fact taking great steps to be positive role models.

Does anyone know of any other stores/labels, in Australia or overseas, who have taken the initiative to bring eating disorders into the open & communicate their support of healthy girls?
Does their stance on this influence the likelihood of you buying their clothes/products?
How effective do you think their campaign is?