September 3rd, 2007

100% recovery

i've been dwelling on this and going over & over it in my head and yet i can't seem to work out what the actual conclusion is..

can you totally, 100% fully recover from an eating disorder?

i realise that everyone's recovery is different. everyone heals differently and to different extents and it's all individual and blah blah blah.. BUT each person's recovery must be dependent on so many things, mustn't it? they say the longer you've been sick, the longer it takes to get better. & obv if your eating disorder is more severe it will take you longer to get better. & some people might choose to stop at a certian point rather than keep going to "total" health and...

i just want to know whether it's possible to recover 100%...

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one tough cookie

TV Programme: "I'm A Boy Anorexic"

I don't think it has been mentioned so far in the community, but I just saw an advert on TV for a programme, which I thought I'd let anyone who's in the UK know about, in case you're interested....

Sunday 9th September at 9pm - 10pm, on BBC 3 - 'I'm A Boy Anorexic'

"Documentary following three youngsters struggling to overcome their obsessive relationship with food as they recover inside a London clinic and then return to the outside world." (