September 5th, 2007

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So I was watching a Youtube video of a girl with an ED describing how she binges and purges, and then proceeding to videotape it. Now, I have no problem with having a video diary and showing the public a first hand account of how EDs fuck with you--I actually enjoy her videos because of how realistic and raw they are--but I think that may be going a bit too far. Some of us bitch/mock/ridicule/despise ~teh aNaZzZz~ for posting/asking for "tips & tricks" on how to purge, how to hide their "EDs" from their parents and how to fast etc., but videos where the person shows what she does and more or less how she does it can [unintentionally] give those seeking a quick fix the 'tips' they seek as opposed to discouragement.

This definitely relates to the online pro-anorexia community debate, as they both provide information that could end up in the wrong, and misguided, hands. The thing that makes the videos worse is that they provide a visual and they don't necessarily promote the same sense of 'personal' support as a lot of online pro-anorexia communities.

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Am I way off base here?


self injury

I looked through the memories and searched the community and i didn't see anything, so here's my question:

Do you self injure?
If you do, why do you think you do it?

I've read that there is considerable overlap but I know that not everybody with an eating disorder self harms, and not everybody who self harms has an eating disorder.

Recently I've self injured to bring myself back from dissociated states.
When I first started, however, I think it was purely born out of my self-hatred and my lack of respect for my body.
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