October 17th, 2007

eating disorder support groups

    Hey there community!

  As a number of you are aware, there is a noticeable lack of eating disorder support groups and my mother suggested her and I start one in our area. I live in
New Hampshire, and there aren't any that meet often and they are usually an hour away anyways.

 First, my thoughts were purely selfish when my mum suggested it. I thought, how triggering would that be for me? Would I feel uncomfortable? Would it be too hard; too straining?

 However, the more I think about it, the more I'm interested. I know I'd love for someone near me to start a group up. I'm just hesitant to be that person, and to be unsuccessful with it.

 My question is if anyone has attempted to start a group themselves, and even if you haven't, if you has any tips for me and my mum.

 Thank you so much!


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response: CR vs anorexia

In response to the post about calorie restriction leading to a reduction of breast cancer, I want to post this link that discusses the differences between calorie restriction and anorexia:


Also, on another topic, I wanted to get your ideas about an idea of mine.
I graduate in May with my Bachelor's degree in Sociology and I want to get a masters in a couple of years but first get some work experience. I know I want to work in mental health and working with eating disorders is one of my top choices, either directly working with people or doing research [can't decide yet if I want an MSW or a masters in sociology, hence one big reason why I need some work experience], and I was thinking earlier this week about if I do research on it, I will want to take the viewpoint of a sociologist, since with a masters in sociology you mainly will get/have to do research, and I am aware that first and foremost, eating disorders are psychological. But my idea/question is how much DOES society play a role in the formation of an eating disorder? A couple of years ago I took a sociocultural anthropology class and found out about this study that was done in Fiji that discovered that eating disorder rates in the women shot up a lot after the introduction of Western television programmes [here's the link]. So that right there sets off the lightbulb in my mind, so to speak, about society's influence on the individual.
So, do any of you have a response? Suggestions? Advice? Anything and everything will be very much appreciated. Thank you x