November 5th, 2007

O/T - Taking some positive from the negative ED - (Quitting Smoking)

I saw a youtube video, 'a fat rant' in which a 'fat' person argued the case for 'fat' people. She brought up genetics, how to be thin, you would have thin parents, and possibly 4 thin grandparents...she also brought up that 'fat' people do not eat any differently than 'thin' people...saying the majority eat normally and have tried to lose their weight...

Now, all this led me to think about the mentality that gos with eating disorders, both anorexia and compulsive over-eating. I was thinking about how obesity does in fact, generally has a relation to eating more than recommended for ideal body the attitude can generally be one of a love of food, and finding comfort and pleasure in consuming rich food.

I got to the thought, of an 'obese' person's love of food being similar to that of a smoker's love of cigarettes. Both, should not ignore while they consume their respective vices, the terrible medical conditions that can come as a direct result.

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