November 6th, 2007

how to deal with a friend with an eating disorder

i read this advice column today and thought it would be helpful to post here because we have had a lot of posts in the past asking the same type of question. the answer was well-written and i think focused on a really important part of helping a friend with an eating disorder.

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have you found that friends who acted this way were helpful for you? what other things that your friends have done helped you through your disorder?

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   Hey there community.


 Recently I’ve been checking out a bunch of websites promoting fasting for medical reasons. I’ve read that it could help prevent cancer and colds, is good for your colon, and also that it can be wonderful with mental illnesses. It’s been compared to the results of getting a surgery. But it also specified that starvation would be a different thing all together.


 I guess I just can’t really see the difference between fasting and self induced starvation.


 What’s the different? 


contradicting conclusions

it can be difficult to know what to believe about health these days -- with so many studies with so many factors, plus the watered-down analysis the popular media gives, it can be frustrating to try and take away any meaningful message from it all.

i found this to be the case this week, especially with the controversy that took place here. just a few days ago, there was a study that came out suggesting that unless a person is on the lowest end of the "healthy weight" spectrum, their risk for developing cancer increases. then, only a few days later, another study comes out saying that being overweight does NOT increase the risk of dying from cancer and may even be beneficial in protecting against other conditions.

i absolutely do not want this to be a discussion over which research is "right" ... the point i am trying to make is that the scientific process is by no means an easy one. it generally takes a long time to arrive at sound conclusions, and even then, new evidence may turn everything on its head. however, for those of us who are eager to apply research to improve our own lives may be discouraged at the contradictions we hear.

so my question to you all is: what is your attitude towards health research?