November 20th, 2007


Body Image

Here is an article on body image which I feel cites excellent statistics and also gives us greater insight to how we perceive ourselves.

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I have to say that there are some claims that I do not agree upon, but otherwise, this article is excellent with the wealth of statistics.

Do discuss about the points mentioned above - the validity, and how it could possibly apply to you or people around you that you've seen (:
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Sage Publications - Free Academic articles until November 30

Hello everyone,

I know a lot of you constantly look for academic articles on the subject of eating disorders, whether it's for your own records or your own research. If you're interested in thought-provoking research, I'm letting you know that Sage Publications is allowing individuals to create accounts and have access to millions of academic articles (PDF files only) on any topic until November 30 for free.

Yes, it's short noticed but if any of you have time, it's a great way to collect research on eating disorders, body image, etc. I have already found a lot of results by typing in "women + advertising", for example, in the advanced search.

The link is here: Make sure to create an account if you're interested! I definitely think this will benefit the community.