February 6th, 2008




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I think this is an interesting perspective (re: new decadence). I enjoy when eating disorders are dealt with in a straightforward manner that pushes the associated feelings of shame and guilt out of the way to leave room for the bare logistics of the matter. The text explanation is insightful, but most likely not from an eating disordered person. I enjoy this, but it also fails to recognize the actual mental disorder of an eating disorder, simply focusing on the physical symptoms. The art piece is successful, in my opinion, because it doesn't include a lot of confusing first-person feelings on the subject (apart from the text on the napkin, which is a bit trite for me). It doesn't try to explain everything about an eating disorder in one piece (which usually gets cluttered and confusing) - it is just a simple representation (symbol?) of eating disorders.

Your thoughts?
- art by non-ed'ed people (whether this one is or not)
- ed art going mainstream
- ed's being socially accepted (result of our new decadence)
- the representation of eating disorders / symbolism (vomiting, stick thin, only physical symptoms)