February 29th, 2008


hair analysis to diagnose eds

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I see a big problem with this:
vegans or vegetarians might look like that had an eating disorder by the study because of the lack of animal proteins
I found vegetarianism a very convenient way to explain why I was thin and why I didn't want to eat meals with people
Someone could say "i'm a vegetarian" and dismiss the test results
I just think a kind of perverted "vegetarianism" and eating disorders go together very well

what do you think?
Monster boy's body

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I wrote this for my school newspaper. Published today as part of NEDAW.

So far every response that I've received has been positive. I'm floored by how many people have come up to me to tell me how they also struggle with disordered body image/eating, if not actual clinical eating disorders. At first, I was really scared about writing this in a paper with a daily readership of 30,000, but it was actually VERY empowering. :)

Take a read, if you want!