March 8th, 2008

Livejournal Policy:Self Harm

I was just wondering what your opinions were on the proposed policy about LJ in regards to "Self Harm" which is  copied below:


Material posted which encourages or instructs others on how to engage in destructive behavior such as, self-injury, self-mutilation, anorexia, drug or alcohol overdose, or suicide.


If the material provides instructions on how to commit self-destructive behavior, or encourages others to do same, we will require removal of material, following the Standard Compliance Timeline. If an entire journal or community is dedicated to instructing or encouraging self-destructive behavior, the account will be suspended. Content which only discusses self-destructive behavior, even in positive terms, is not prohibited.


LiveJournal does not condone self-destructive behavior in any capacity, such as communities which promote anorexia as a healthy lifestyle choice, but we also recognize that users should be able to discuss and seek support for dealing with problems related to self-harm. We do not, however, allow content which encourages or instructs others on how to engage in self-destructive behavior.


Personally, I think a lot of communities are really harmful and have encouraged my ED in the very beginning. I think ProAnorexia or w/e is one of the bigger ones that I have seen which is really harmful to its readers. I don't think those kinds of groups should really be up because I know what ideas they place in people's heads and I am gald LJ is doing something about it. It seems like in recovery groups you can get a sense of belonging/that you are not alone with your struggles but in "proana" groups you can get a feeling that you belong and should further your bad habits in order to keep belonging. Thoughs?
PS. Some of the thinspo groups are not as bad and I don't think they should be taken down because it is not all emaciation and I strive for a healthier look. I am rambling now sorry!

Here is the link for the rest of the proposals on lj_policy: