April 24th, 2009


Britain's Next Top Model to feature an openly-anorexic contestant

Via http://www.topmodelgossip.com/bntm-to-feature-openly-anorexic-contestant/ :

Cycle 5 of Britain’s Next Top Model premieres on Monday, April 12th. Jade McSorley is one of the twenty hopefuls who made it into the house and are vying to be Britain’s next top model. What makes Jade different is that she’s the first contestant in Top Model history to be openly battling an eating disorder while competing on the show, Britain’s Sunday Sun reports.

While Jade is worried that the show could glamorize her condition, she hopes by appearing on the show, she can show girls the reality of living with an eating disorder.

“The industry has got such a bad reputation I thought, ‘Do I deserve to be here as I am promoting an unhealthy image?” she told the paper.

However, Jade decided she needed to put herself first and follow her dreams. In the end, she thinks it was the best thing she could have done.

“But then I was determined to make myself happy and it has helped me put on weight. The show gives you support if you need it,” she said.

You can learn more about Jade at BNTM’s homepage.

I think this is a very interesting - and potentially scary - risk for a Top Model franchise to be making. It will really depend on how the show deals with Jane’s disease and how her weight and body image affect her in the competition.

I can't decide how I feel about this. Of course, I think it's a really, really bad idea to go on a competitive modeling reality show while already struggling with an ED. But overall it will be interesting to see how it's portrayed.

BNTM eps usually show up here: http://www.surfthechannel.com/show/55155.html

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My sister sent me this link.  It was really interesting.  I'm just wondering how people feel about it. 
Here's the text- warning, it's LONG!
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My point of view on this is slightly different.  I have never been encouraged to fast by the religion in which I grew up.  I'm not a really active part of the church anymore, and I've really strayed from religion, actually.  I'm spiritual, but not religious.  The part of the article that I connect with is that as a child, I always felt like I was forever in debt to God, and that I was a "bad person" intrinsicly and would never be able to live up to "my Father"'s standards.  I was also trying to live up to my actual father's standards, so not being "good enough" as a person, as my church seemed to suggest, was just another drop in the bucket.  I'm not a fan of the continuing emphasis on guilt and an eternal debt to someone else.  That goes right into the hand of my eating disordered thoughts. 

I'm just interested in hearing different views- I'm not saying I do or don't agree with the author of this article.