December 16th, 2009


"Her Power"

Hello! My name is Serafina. I am in recovery from an eating disorder and I used to be active on this community on my old username (gasping) but I somehow forgot about it when I moved journals - shame on me!

However, since I've joined again today, I wanted to make a post about this new and exciting project in my life called Her Power. It's an internet-based organization geared toward women that seeks to raise, promote, and spread awareness of the power that creative expression can possess in overcoming unhealthy coping behaviors, painful life experiences, and emotional stress; it will begin launching in January 2010 from its website at

We have a facebook fan page here,, as well. I'm an alum of The Renfrew Center of Florida and I speak there often. I recently presented my plans for Her Power and received an overwhelming response of amazing feedback which only served to fan my creative fire even more. :)

If this cause interests you at all, please fan us on facebook! As I noted, the site will be up in January.

Also, for those of you in or around Nashville, Tennessee - I will be presenting at Middle Tennessee State University on February 23, 2010 during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week and everyone is invited! Comment and/or email me for more info.

I would also love more responses to this survey I created on the power of creative expression in recovery and I'm currently accepting submissions of creative work for the website!

Feel free to contact me either by commenting on this entry or emailing me at SERAFINA at HERPOWER dot ORG! Thank you so much for reading, keep creating and shining :)


Website design help

Hi everybody! I'm looking for somebody who's good at making websites to help me out.
For the past few years, I've been running the Purple Ribbon Campaign, which raises money for local charities that support people's recovery. Well, the campaign has grown a lot since it started, and it's outgrown its page. I want to get a domain name and make it a nice website...but I'm a dunce at html and the like.

Is there anybody who's up for a holiday project who knows stuff about making websites and who wants to help?

For more info on the campaign, here's the current website and the facebook group

Reply to this or message me if you're able to help!

Or, if you want to help raise money for any of the dozens of support centres around the world that I'm trying to raise money for, let me know. Every little bit counts.
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According to Dr. Oz, these are the symptoms of depression:

•Loss of interest in things you enjoy
•Changes in weight or appetite
•Change in sleeping patterns
•Feeling of sadness, guilt and hopelessness
•Making other people feel depressed and pointless (bringing other people down)

Many people in this community have probably experienced depression. Do you agree with this list of symptoms? Would you add or remove any? Have you ever experienced any of these (presumably yes, since this is an ED community)? What did you do to recover?