December 22nd, 2010



Happy Xmas, ed_ucate!
I've read a few anecdotal reports that people with Anorexia Nervosa tend to have small handwriting and I've just come across a case study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders about a girl with both Micrographia (small handwriting) and Hypophonia (low volume speech) which seemed to be exascerbated when her AN got worse. They suggest it was an aspec of how, "on the whole,she gave an impression of someone who was trying to disappear and took efforts not to be noticed by others." As she was at the time observed to stand in corners, hide behind her hair and speak very little.
I'm just curious about other peoples thoughts/observations on this. Not everyone I know who has small handwriting has an ED but a lot of the people I know with EDs do have small handwriting. 
My own handwriting is often quite small although the risers and descenders are long and loopy. I write a lot like my dad but I always put it down to us having similar shaped hands!
I don't think this has been discussed here before, I did a quick search, apologies if it's already been covered.