tiny_fragment (tiny_fragment) wrote in ed_ucate,


Part 1

Age: 20

Gender: Female

How I found my way here: I've always been lurking at various ED communities, and links to this community kept appearing, so I wanted to see if it was an interesting place.

Questions/comments/concerns: Normally I don't join communities where I have to post an application, but I've been following this community for a few weeks, and it has annoyed me that a lot of the memories are friends only. I want to have access everything, so here I am. ;p

I haven't got a disorder, and I'm not 'looking for one'. I'm a normal girl with a normal body, who often finds herself following rather extreme diets. I have already learned a lot from this community, and am hoping to learn more.

This is a great place with great members, and I really appreciate the efforts you go through to educate fellow LJers!


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