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you're like hunger.


Part 1

--Age: 18

--Gender: female

--How I found my way here: hungerbound's info

--Questions/comments/concerns: fantastic idea for a community.

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: anorexia, purging type ("Bulimirexia")

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: diagnosed

[1] Is your bmi less than 17.5? yes
[2] Are you terrified of gaining weight or getting fat? i am a slave to the scale. its gotten so bad that on days where i've gained i might not leave the house at all.
[3] Does your weight/size/shape influence how you feel about yourself? of course. logically, i know that being thin doesnt equate with happiness or having good self-esteem, but i know that i feel better when im losing weight.
[4] Have you missed your period for the past three months? yes, i actually cant recall when i had it last.
[5] Do you eat more food in a binge than most people would eat in the same amount of time? yes- the amount i can eat in a single sitting is disgusting.
[6] Do you lose control during the binge episode? sometimes i binge in a blind rage, just needing to eat. other times my binges are planned out in advance.
[7] Have you binged and compensated (purge/lax/fast/excessive exercise) at least twice a week, every week for three months? when i was diagnosed, i was binging/purging semi-regularly (2-3 times a week). between november and march this year, i was completely out of control, b/ping 2-4 times a day. my bmi was above 17.5 for awhile, and was more bulimic than anything else. i've been trying to control the b/p demon and ive been doing it very rarely, only once in the past two weeks, and restricting... so now i have no idea where i stand in the land of ed diagnosis.

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