Ice-Nine (lastshoedropped) wrote in ed_ucate,


Part 1

--Age: 21

--Gender: Female

--How I found my way here: I followed the link from the friends page of a friend of a friend or something, I believe. Don't quite recall. Anyway I've been diligently lurking for, say, three weeks or so.

--Questions/comments/concerns: A community free of "omfg-neg-cals-are-the-way-to-ANA-lol" = good times. :)

Part 2 (disordered members only)


--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-diagnosed.

[1a] Is your bmi less than 17.5? Not at present. The bod's stubbornly hanging on to its 17.7.

[1b] If your bmi is over 17.5, have you been medically diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at your current weight? Negative.

[2] Are you terrified of gaining weight or getting fat? Most absolutely. (It happens however, ya know, up and down and over and over. And is beyond maddening, shitacious, etc.)

[3] Does your weight/size/shape influence how you feel about yourself? Frighteningly so.

[4] Have you missed your period for the past three months? Indeed. I really enjoy the dodging of this monthly bullet for a whole plethora of reasons.

So hello everybody.

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