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Question: I am always cold!

Hi to everyone and especially to all the new members that I didn't welcome (because I am too lazy)!

This is a question about being cold, it sure is a side-effect of an ED but I wondered if I could do anything about it or at least know where it comes from.

I just finished school and I have had biology last period. I am ALWAYS cold! First, I thought that it was because I didn't eat enough, but then I realized that during my "normal" eating days, I still felt cold and I couldn't get myself to heat up. It sucks. I asked my biology teacher about it, just to know if it was because of the food I eat (I didn't tell him much about my eating habits or whatever, I just asked what could cause such a coldness in my body and brought up the nutrition factor). Well, he didn't really know what to say.. He wondered if that could be because I have a really high metabolism and that I burn energy so fast that I don't have any energy more to keep my body warm. But I always thought that I had a really slow metabolism, which would lead me to the fact that I don't burn energy fast enough to keep myself warm. I don't know if it could come as welI from a vitamine deficiency. I always wear at least two sweaters and sometimes I wear my jaket during class. I am really lost and google is of no help. I also have a pretty great lack of sleep (especially from this past weekend, but in general also), that's why I make sure to always eat something warm in the morning.
Help! I don't want to turn into an ice-cube!!

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