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LJ Diets

I was browsing around and found this community: sweetheart_fast
the userinfo states as follows:

St.Patty's "Diet" is basically an extreme restricting diet consisting of eating only naturally green foods until March 17th, St. Patrick's Day. The list of permitted food is as follows:

* granny smith apples
* artichokes
* asparagus
* beet greens
* broccoli
* brussels sprouts
* cabbage

Since when does a fast consist of green foods? And who decided this was healthy, I wonder.

My other favorite is:
0nlythreeweeks, whose tagline is "Lose 40lbs in 3 weeks".
I honestly don't think that's physically likely, I'm sorry.

Seems like you can make anything into a diet these days. It doesn't take a nutritionalist, just a LJ community.

So, does anyone want to go on a chocolate diet with me?

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