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bipolar + ed...

hey guys, if this is inapropriate just let me know and i'll delete it...

i've decided tonight that most likely i have to go to another shrink because lately my manic-depression has gotten so bad that i literally have mood swings like 8 or 9 times a day from crying to laughing over and over again. it is devastating me and everyone around me. my bulimia is out of control i keep binging an purging over and over again like a whirlwind. i feel like im literally going to combust. i spent the past 7 hours crying for literally something completely pointless. obviously my depression is back with a vengance...

but i'm really afraid that going to a doctor is going to accomplish nothing. the last 2 i went to just made me feel cheap, empty, stupid and CRAZY. like okay i know i have a mental illness, but the mental illness is called 'bipolar' it's not like i rape kittens or eat babies, you know what i mean? the last doctor i went to i felt like she was judging me and looking down at me instead of thinking of me clinically as a patient. i just felt really violated by her. i sat there crying and opening up my heart to her so that she could help me and she just sat there and stared.

and the fucking ZOLOFT i got out of it made everything worse.

so here's my questions...

do any of you guys have depression or manic depression along with your eds?

if so...

what drugs work for you (and dont make you gain weight)?

what drugs do not work at all?

*insert anything else you'd like to add here like advice or personal experience/anecdote*


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