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Scales & Times.

This entire month, my relationship with my scale has completely changed. I will admit, I weigh myself too often to begin with - but I'm in need of some information to keep my sanity & stop my doubts.

I usually weigh myself in the morning, after ridding myself of food & fluid weight. Under normal circumstances, I'm less in the morning.
Lately, I've been weighing myself twice a day at least - morning, & later in the evening around 8-9pm after my shower & when I'm sure I don't have very much liquid weight in my body. I've been consistently less at night this entire month. In the morning, the number is actually higher by a pound or two usually. Has anyone else had this experience as well?

I looked through the memories but didn't see any information about weighing & scales - I was wondering if anyone had any good research data or site information about the body's weight fluctuations. Yesterday I read an on-line Q & A, & someone had said that usually at night, 1/3 of the body's fluid losses have occurred by the time it's the evening, so it's more then possible to weigh less at night. I'm just confused as to why all of a sudden, I'm weighing less at night - & how possible that is. Why would I weigh more in the morning?

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