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Age : 17
Gender : Female!
Height : 5'4" ish
Weight : 120
BMI : 20.6
ED : Honestly that is what I am trying to determine. I am thinking NES or BDD
Diagnosed / Self- Diagnosed : Self- Diagnosed
My biggest pet peeve about ED communities:People not having the balls to ask a question and become educated so that they know what they are suffering from.
Questions/ Comments / Concerns: I know I am going to sound stupid most of the time but honestly I think asking questions and being safe is better then staying ignorant. Also please don't be too mean to me I am sensitive.....its a trying time right now. Also can I say that this is the first time I have accutally ever posted anything in an ed community I have always lurked but you guys seemed oddly warm (thats good I promise).

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