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Question regarding a specific psych.

Ok, my parents just started taking me to this woman, Nina Schlachter, at the Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, Georgia (near Atlanta). She's talking about putting me in a 'day program' there after school's out. (I keep wanting to scream, 'But I'm not thin! 5'7 and 100 lbs is not thin!' Obviously I don't think I need to go.) There are a few things I was wondering...

a) Has anyone here ever heard of/worked with her? If so, elaborate please!
b) Has anyone here been to Ridgeview, or their said 'day program'?

I was just wondering, since she didn't really tell me any specifics. I thought I'd ask here, because this is the place to get an answer to any ED-related questions!


(p.s. She diagnosed me as AN (307.15 The 5 means 'In Partial Remission' according to PsychNet-UK.) even though I told her I still get my period. And tell me if this needs to be friended!)

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