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Part 1

--Age: 14

--Gender: Female

--How I found my way here: I found this in another anorexia community.

--Questions/comments/concerns: I was also diagnosed as bipolar type II, PTSD, and panic disorder. I have been having problems with self-esteem since 6th grade, then I gained a load of weight due to medication. My symptoms really triggered this school year.

Part 2 (disordered members only)


--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-Diagnosed

I hope I do this right...

Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Please indicate which eating disorder criteria you DO have (not just "food issues"):

[_] binging (more than ~800 calories per sitting)
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) after binging
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) without binging
[_] excessively exercising after eating
[_] chewing and spitting
[_] obsession with "pure" food
[_] terror of gaining weight
[x] self-worth based on looks or weight

Hope I'm allowed! =)


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