anababy_lost (anababy_lost) wrote in ed_ucate,

How do you see your ed in the future?

Even though I'm still pretty young, today I found myself having some pretty serious thoughts about what my life will be like in relation to my eating disorder as I get older. From things I've read in different communities, I know a lot of girls plan on having resolved their eating disorders (with or without traditional recovery) by the time they are adults and having children, etc. But honestly, I can't see a future for myself without an eating disorder; recovery and rehab were a miserable failure for me, and in a way, I feel I'm screwed up enough that I will always "need" my eating disorder. Of course, this brings up some serious health issues; there's only so long that your body can take this sort of thing before it falls apart. So it got me wondering how all of you feel about these issues....

When you think about your future, how does your eating disorder fit into the picture?
If you think you will recover, when, why, and how?
If you don't think you will recover, are you concerned about how your eating disorder will fit into marriage, kids, other grow-up things (lol)?
What are your biggest health concerns for the future?

And, duh, any other thoughts on this topic are completely welcome. Thanks for your input :)

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