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Part 1



--How I found my way here: link in a comment posted to me

--Questions/comments/concerns: forgive the lack of caps...im an english major with a rebellious side=D

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: ed-nos

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: self, although if my bf ever allows me to see a psych that may change

[_] binging (more than ~800 calories per sitting)
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) after binging
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) without binging
[x] excessively exercising after eating
[x] chewing and spitting
[x] obsession with "pure" food
[x] terror of gaining weight
[x] self-worth based on looks or weight
[X] I answered the question below

What do you feel is the difference between your attitudes/behaviors and those of someone who has normal insecurities about her body? i have a desperate need to be small, skinny, whatever you would like to call it. i am sure that as soon as i walk into a room, people are sniggering behind my back, about how overweight i am, how wide my ass is. i have to talk myself into eating, while my daughter is awake, and i always know that it was too much (350-400 calories a day). as soon as i finish eating, i weigh myself, once she is in bed, i start working out, and keep going till i burn two or three times as many calories as i ate.

im not sure if i missed anything, so please let me know and i will amend it.
p.s no bowing:) no one should have to lower their head to me...

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