bietan_jarrai (bietan_jarrai) wrote in ed_ucate,

Hi, Im new, My name is Iratxe

Part 1



--How I found my way here: I saw the banner in a mod's diary

--Questions/comments/concerns: I think this is a very good idea of a community

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED:Anorexia nervosa purging type, before I was bulimic

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?:bulimia self diagnosed and then formaly diagnosed, anorexia nervosa diagnosed by doctors

[1a] Is your bmi less than 17.5? No
[1b] If your bmi is over 17.5, have you been medically diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at your current weight? yeah I have been medically diagnosed
[2] Are you terrified of gaining weight or getting fat? yeah, sure, terrified :S
[3] Does your weight/size/shape influence how you feel about yourself? yeah, daily
[4] Have you missed your period for the past three months? no, but I take the pill

[5a] Restricting type - do you regularly restrict without binging or purging?
[5b] Binge/purging type - do you regularly binge or purge or both? i sometimes purge what I eat or have small binges, like 2 croissants or so


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