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Period Will Not Stop

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
My inquiring mind would like to know whether or not my "problem" has anything to do with an Eating Disorder.

Normally, my period will last for 4-6 days and will come back after 30-32 days. However, things have changed. For the past two months my period will come, stay for about a week, stop, then come back a week later. At first, my period would come back every two weeks. Now, my period comes back every week.

I'm aware that some people lose their period, however, I don't think its "normal" to be on my period 85% of every month.

I checked the memories and I could not find anything about this. If I missed a post, please point me to the right direction. =)

Edit: I am asking all of you because I believe my problem IS due to my eating habits. I'd ask a Women's community, however, I'd have to explain my ED and they'll probably tell me to ask an ED community.

Thank You!

xx Ashka

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