Super Smurf (lustforcontrol) wrote in ed_ucate,
Super Smurf



I was just wondering...
How can someone identify NES? Wouldn't NES just seem like binging at night? Couldn't that occur to people with bulimia or ed-nos? I'm really interested in this... it's just that I'm an awful insomniac and lately, the more I think at night, though I don't binge during the day, I've started to stuff my face disgustingly at night. Nearly all my binge/purge episodes have happened at night. I'm definitely not trying to sound like a wannabe-NESer (?!?) But I'm just curious. I've read the criteria for it, but it's just a little vague and I'd really like to hear from anyone with NES or if anyone knows about more of it?

Thanks heaps, and I'm sorry if there are typos and if this post doesn't make sense... I am sick off my face and haven't slept for agessss
x o x o

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