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If someone is diagnosed with a disorder, but then is working towards recovery and consequently does not fit all of the criteria for that disorder anyomore, should that person's diagnosis be thrown out the window, or should it still be aknowledged as the person is fighting to become healthy?

I ask this because I was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa 4 1/2 years ago and have been to rehab twice. My eating disorder was never planned, i never had goals or thinspiration,  i just wanted to rid my body of fat and slowly starve myself to death becuase that is what i deserved- i didnt even know what i was doing was considered anorexic until i landed in the hospital.  My lowest weight was a BMI 14, but throughout my difficult journey in trying to become healthy, there have been times when my weight was above a BMI of 17.5, and I have regained my period at times. Because my road to recovery has not been a straight line, and i have gone up and down in terms of giving in to my eating disorder and searching for healthier coping mechanisms, am i still considered anorexic? Or would my behaviors be relabeled, despite that anorexic demon inside of me that still screams my name telling me im fat and ungly and worthless and beats up my self image and disconnects me from my body so I feel like my body is a foreign disgusting enemy. Am i still anorexic if i fight daily to not listen to that voice? I also know that it is possible to switch from one e.d. to another ( such as anorexic to bulimic etc), but i think that is different then switching behaviors due to recovery.

Im curious to see what you all think, or how you feel in general about meeting the "criteria" for a particular disorder, how you view your eating disorder in relation to recovery, or just any other thoughts on this topic.


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