arctic fire (belly_ache) wrote in ed_ucate,
arctic fire


Age 17

Gender Female

How I found my way here followed a link from a friend's userinfo

Questions/comments/concerns None.


Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed? self-diagnosed.


[x] binging (more than ~800 calories per sitting)
[x] restricting (under 900 calories a day)
[x] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) after binging
[x] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) without binging
[x] excessively exercising after eating
[x] chewing and spitting
[_] obsession with "pure" food
[x] terror of gaining weight
[x] self-worth based on looks or weight
[_] missing period
[x] I answered the question below

What do you feel is the difference between your attitudes/behaviors and those of someone who has normal insecurities about her body?

Food is an obsession. It dominates all my waking hours and quite a few of my sleeping ones too (I frequently dream of food, binging and purging) I am currently trying to recover from my disorder and I go through intermittent cycles of restriction and binging. I'm either obsessing over eating as little food as possible or else stuffing as much of it down my throat as i can. Unlike the average dieter, I will not restrict down to a 'sensible amount of calories. I am not able to moderate. I will eat either 250 kcals a day or 3000. I often use binging and restriction to punish myself or to numb myself. i exercise compulsively. I go through bizarre food rituals and panic when placed in situations where I will not be in control over what and how much I eat. Though i currently am having my period, I frequently miss it for two or three months.

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