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Part 1

--Age: 19

--Gender: female

--How I found my way here: i've been watching the community for a while. i think just from a promo post.

--Questions/comments/concerns: i'm rearranging my journal at the moment so i can have some friends reading it (it has been 100% private so far), so feel free to add me, i will add you back.

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: diagnosed non-purging bulimic last year, however i now restrict a lot more rather than binge/fast/over-exercise, so ED-NOS at the moment

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: see above


‡ Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Please indicate which eating disorder criteria you DO have (not just "food issues"):

[X] binging (more than ~800 calories per sitting)
[X] restricting (under 900 calories a day)
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) after binging
[_] purging (vomit, laxative, diuretic, enema) without binging
[X] excessively exercising after eating
[X] chewing and spitting
[X] obsession with "pure" food
[X] terror of gaining weight
[X] self-worth based on looks or weight
[_] missing period
[X] I answered the question below

What do you feel is the difference between your attitudes/behaviors and those of someone who has normal insecurities about her body?
i think about food every waking second of the day, whether it's what i have eaten or what i am going to eat or what i could eat. i neurotically count calories and feel distraught when i have gone over perhaps 700 calories (or whatever i have set for that day), like life is not worth living anymore. my obsession with food stops me from going places i might like to go to or being with certain people i know because i know there will be so much food around. i'm terrified of not just getting fat, but simply having extra flesh on my bones.


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