Vibeke (ladyashka) wrote in ed_ucate,

ED Causing Thyroid Problems?

Hello again everyone!
Last week I posted about my irregular periods and how they'd stay for a week, leave for a week and come back a week later. My Doctor gave me a blood test and a pap. The pap test came back fine, however, the blood test results were a little strange. She put her hands around my neck and had me swallow. She said my thyroids seemed normal. However, I'm going to have a Thyroid ultrasound sometime this week because she believes my thyroids are slowing down my metabolism. She said something in my blood was very low, which can cause my hair to fall out and sleepiness. My hair sheds a lot and I get extremely tired for no real reason at all. She asked if I recently gained any weight. I'm 108 pounds, how much weight could I have possibly gained? It's not like I was 70 pounds and now I'm 108. I told her last week I was 130 pounds in February and now I'm 108. Hopefully that cleared up the weight gain issue. *Shakes head*

Those of you who've lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time... Have you had problems with your blood or thyroids? I really don't want to go on Thyroid Hormone pills. I'll have to read up on that... I don't know much about thyroids, I'll have to read up on that as well.

Perhaps she's over reacting? If your thyroids control your metabolism then I'm pretty sure I know why it's low. I don't eat much. I fast a lot. She's Romanian and I can barely understand her accent, I really don't want to explain my eating habits to her. Ho-hum.

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