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in many meal supplements, there is an ingredient called Dicalcium Phosphate.

It is one of the most popular forms of obtaining Calcium

but I found this website on Dicalcium Phosphate that makes me wonder if it is really good for you...

Incapable of breaking down completely, DCP
is a poor source of maintaining or replacing calcium in your bones.  Like
all forms of calcium, it will dissolve in stomach hydrochloric acid
(HCl).  However, being bound to phosphate, DCP is not totally soluble in
stomach acid.  When only partially reduced in HCl, it is reduced enough to
absorb, but insufficiently for proper metabolism.  As calcium collects in
the arteries, it may cause arteriosclerotic heart disease.  Should this
element end up in the tissues, it may cause premature aging by encouraging
excessive wrinkling of the skin.   The problems DCP may cause in soft
tissues deserve further discussion

Facts To Remember About DCP

In spite of its industry-wide use, DCP:

  • is
    non-hygroscopic by nature (will not absorb water).  This makes it
    nearly "insoluble" by those with a limited supply of
    hydrochloric acid (HCl).   When sufficient HCl is present, the
    DCP tablets will break down; however, they can contribute to soft tissue
  • contains
    inorganic calcium; not the best sources of the element.
  • is cited as
    a possible cause of kidney stones
  • is an
    alkalizer which could neutralize hydrochloric acid and conceivably hinder
    the absorption of minerals.
  • is a mineral
    antagonist, particularly with such elements as manganese.

taken from

so my question is, what do you think about this? Is having meal supplements, or energy bars such as Powerbars safe?


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