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Alright. I've been pretty absent as of late, but I had to step in and make a post about a few new rules going into action.


This is referring to any questions asking about methods of administering, over-dosage, and use of any drug beyond it's package directed quantity. This pertains to prescription, otc, and illegal drugs.

Why? Because it's an issue none of us here are fit to answer. I'm in the medical field, but I know you through a screen. I don't know any of the wonderful bits of health problems and body chemistry that makes you as a whole. I see it as also a form of "Givin' TiPz!!". I don't want to be involved with what you put in or force out of your body, or see anyone helping exacerbate a situation you've put yourself in.

I refuse to have anything on my conscience regarding finding out some LJ'r has kicked the bucket because someone told her it was alright to do enough heroin to kill a horse, as long as she took a few aspirin with it. Now, I understand this is a pretty asinine example, but it's how I regard most posts about abuse of pills. Asinine.

It is not my, or anyone else's job to determine what will kill you when you take x with y along with a whole bottle of z. Use common sense. If you're super worried, call poison control. That's what I did the one time I drank deathecac. I stood outside on a payphone, heaving into the 24 pack crates of coke cans, talking to Judy from the PC hotline at 3am about what the fuck to do with my jackass self. In addition to Judy reaming my ass, I got a healthy dose of good old fashioned ridicule from my husband. I've never done it again.

On another note, if you have a serious question about "will this medication do awful things because I haven't told my doctor I purge, but it says things about people with heart conditions shouldn't take them, but I'm really worried about my heart as well", please PLEASE call, write, or make a direct contact with a doctor.

I can understand not wanting to share an ED with a doctor, but sometimes they really do need to know in regards to any meds they might prescribe. If you have a genuine worry about the proper use of a drug, please do not ask anyone on LJ. Ask someone real. Someone that if you needed to, you could pretty quickly see proof that they went through the x years of medical school and got the pretty certificate. Unless you are having a LAN party, and are sitting right next to the person you're talking to online, there is really no way to assure you are talking to who they say they are. I urge you to hold your health in higher regards than trusting it to anyone that you can't personally verify their credentials. Don't ask questions regarding the safety of your heart to a 13 year old girl in Detroit who's screen name is "Dr. Bob". Come on.

Eating disorders harm bodies. That's kind of the duuuuuh statement of the century. However, it is not an excuse to be just plain dumb about your health. I don't want to hear about it. I see this community as a "clean needle program" of ED's. We provide information and discussions about the various mental and emotional aspects of an ED. We provide information about general nutrition, vitamins, nutrients, and other health problems that might cause or further the adverse affects of an eating disorder. I see this as a place for people to learn, but also to perhaps make your ED the safest possible.

The question guidelines post has been updated by hb (hungerbound)

Please read and re-read it thoroughly. If a post is seen that falls under the above guidelines, it will be deleted. If a member chooses to answer the question before it's deleted, they will be warned, booted for x amount of time, or banned (depending on both the question and the answer given.)

Next post I do will be not so strict. Promise. Thank you in advance for reading this post and following the rules.
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