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Sexiness and Eating Disorders

Is Anorexia sexy? Is any eating disorder sexy?

Apparently the media thinks so considering most "sex symbols" are underweight, or even near emaciation. Some have admitted to eating disorders, some are in denial, while others are just naturally (and some unnaturally *cough*cough*) blessed with freakishly beautiful bodies.

I personally find thin and emaciated woman to be strikingly beautiful. However, I know that eating disorders kill sex drive and, cause self esteem to plummet to the depths of hell, and make body image horrendous. Not to mention how unhealthy and dangerous eating disorders are. Is that sexy?

I have always felt that thin is beautiful and men (or some women) are attracted to that ideal thin body. However, i also think that most people are attracted to health, happiness and confidence in a woman. Sick is not sexy, I don't think.

With this said, when I was at my lowest weight with anorexia, my sex life was non existant and I was frightened to death of intimacy or interpersonal relationships. i was emaciated, sick, depressed, suicidal, insecure... is that sexy?

Now after a lot of work, I am happy to say i am in a healthier place. i am still considered underweight, but i am healthy and I have a wonderful boyfriend who i love and we have a great intimate relationship. He told me that it is health and taking care of oneself, self respect that he finds attractive. I actually am able to believe him when he compliments my looks (unfathamable a couple of years ago). I still struggle with weight, body image and food, but my healthy voice is stronger these days and able to tell my anorexic voice to shut the fuck up. But that doesn't mean my anorexic voice doesn't scream into my ear constently... eh eating disorders are hell.

Many times i feel that anorexia is viewed as sexy by the media, but in real life, most men want the best of both worlds (thin and healthy). But is it even possible for anorexia or eating disorders in general to be sexy???? Starving, binging and purging obsessing and calculating does not fit in the picture of sexy to me, yet why do i still yearn to be emaciated and "beautiful" ...

But anyway, I wanted to ask you all for feedback, opiniopns, experiences that relate to this topic.

Inspired by a post in the lj community answers_on_sex

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